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Top 10 challenges of Manual testing!

  1. Trying to find that one pesky bug that's been hiding for weeks

  2. Constantly being asked "Is it done yet?"

  3. The never-ending cycle of test, fail, fix, retest

  4. Having to deal with the "well it works on my machine" excuse

  5. The joy of trying to test on Internet Explorer

  6. Having to explain to non-technical coworkers why something can't be tested just by looking at it

  7. The struggle of trying to test on a mobile device with fingers the size of sausages

  8. The frustration of trying to use software with a user interface that was clearly designed by a 3-year-old

  9. The excitement of finding a new, innovative way to crash the system

  10. The never-ending debate of manual vs. automated testing (just let me do my job in peace!)

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