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Empower your development teams with our professsional QA Resources

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  • Welcome to FlexQA, your go-to for quality assurance. We're a team of experts who are passionate about ensuring that your products and services meet the highest standards.

  • We offer a wide range of testing services, including manual and automated testing, performance, security, usability, compatibility, localization, accessibility, compliance, and Beta testing.

  • Our cutting-edge tools and experienced team will help you achieve long-term success by ensuring the quality of your products and services.

  • Let us help you reach your full potential with our comprehensive QA services. Contact us today!


At FlexQA, we focus on providing quality assurance services to startups and SMBs. Our goal is to help our clients ensure the quality of their products and services, without breaking the bank. We offer a wide range of testing services, including:

  • Manual and automated testing

  • Performance testing

  • Security testing

  • Usability testing

  • Compatibility testing

  • Localization testing

  • Accessibility testing

  • Compliance testing

  • Beta testing


Our team goes above and beyond to thoroughly vet, test, and optimize our clients' products and services for optimal performance. We understand the importance of quality in the success of any product or service, and we're here to make sure our clients' offerings are nothing short of outstanding.

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The cost of fixing a defect increases by a factor of 10 for each phase of development in which it is not discovered. For example, the study estimates that the cost of fixing a defect found during the requirements phase is about $80, while the cost of fixing the same defect found during the maintenance phase is about $8,000. (Seems more like 100 after multiple phases and there is irrevocable damage to your brand!)

“The Cost of Finding and Fixing a Defect” by Capers Jones

"Well done is better than well said"

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